Bag Ban Protestors


Bag bans cost millions. Bag bans endanger citizens. Bag Bans do not help the environment. Bag bans make no sense. Bag Bans have become the latest Eco-Fad. Bag Bans are the bragging rights of many misguided city council members and state politicians. Bag bans are based on hyped-up emotionally presented claims. The claims, are then
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Landfill Biodegradable

Product ENSO RESTORE  PET Resins  PLA  Photo-degradable  Oxo-degradable  Shelf Life  Indefinite  Indefinite  1 – 4 mo  2 – 4 mo  6 mo – 2 yrs  Affected by Light  No No  Yes  Yes  Yes  Affected by Heat No No  Yes  Yes Yes Affected by Moisture  No No  Yes Yes  Yes Affected by Stress  No No  Yes
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Many Uses For Plastic Sheeting Including Slip n Slide

How many ways can you use plastic sheeting? That is the question!! International Plastics manufactures, imports, and supplies all types of protective, flexible packaging, including poly sheeting , also known as plastic sheeting. Plastic sheeting is a general-purpose polyethylene film for use in construction projects, paint protection and agriculture applications. Commonly referred to as Construction
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