Brenda Allen shares God's provision through health teaching & Bible storying.

Latex gloves are not the only thing that protects Brenda but they help.

Helping to fight the spread of the Ebola virus and HIV/AIDS in Guinea among the Maninka people. Brenda Allen of World Venture has an intense love by showing self sacrifice and servitude for the people that live there. International Plastics saw a need to help Brenda and the people of Guinea, so they donated latex gloves to her cause.Brenda Allen's Latex GlovesIn the United States a simple box of latex gloves and medical services are at our beckon call, but in Guinea it is most often a luxury. Brenda Allen takes caring for the physical health of others as something that allows her to treat the eternal health of Guinea's people's souls.In 2014 Guinea banned the sale and consumption of bats, thinking that the bats carried the Ebola virus. Ebola is of great concern because it is spreading so quickly but HIV/AIDS is still of great concern as well, and so Brenda must protect herself at all times when ministering to the Guineans.Want to help Brenda and World Venture? They can be contacted here.www.worldventure.comSourcesWikipedia's page on Guinea