Shopping bags out of the 50s make a comeback

A recognized design and possessing great usability, the Hinza bag is the perfect

decision for outdoor gatherings and Sunday picnics in the park. They are so durable and stylish that you wouldn't mind carrying one into a business meeting or even a casual night out.The bag is excellent for storage in the home – a bold, stylish substitute for keeping things in their place. Its simple design makes it perfect for craft and gardening endeavors as it’s robust and simple to clean.Environmentally conscious or faced with the dreaded bag fee? Use it as a shopping bag instead of a disposable plastic grocery bag. The bag’s comfortable design means it is carried close to the body, alleviating strain on your back, neck and shoulders area.Stylish, practical and Earth Friendly. Not only that, these Hinza shopping bags won't break the bank
Originally the brain child of Curt Christofferson in the 1950s and produced by Perstorp AB in Sweden, the idea being a versatile bag for your food shopping. The bags are back, and perfect for just about any use. In fact, in these days of concern over plastic bags, it's perfect as a reusable shopper. Especially as the bags look so good in those wonderful bold hip colors.Hin1