The Ziplock Bag Jacket

jacket made from ziplock bagsHere is a riddle for you. In history, what piece of clothing has the most pockets every made? If you grew up during the 1980’s you might instantly think about break dancing and the notoriously ugly looking parachute pants. You know the ones that were tight, made of shiny synthetic material and had way too many zippers. Thankfully the past is not coming back to haunt us, but there might be a new apparel trend. If you are the type of person that’s always stuffing way too many things in your pockets or never seem to have enough, this might be the remedy.Thanks one persons creative thinking there is now a one of a kind jacket that is made from reclosable ziplock bags. She created a plastic jacket out of ziplock sandwich bags that has almost an endless supply of storage compartments. She shows her creation filled with snacks and sandwiches but also makes mention that the ziplock bag jacket would also be good for storing electronics because it is water proof. There are a few shortcomings with the ziplock bag jacket such as you cannot put it in the washing machine wash, and certainly do not want to iron it. Minus that if you need a personal snack machine that doubles as a raincoat you might want to try to make your very own Ziplock bag jacket.Although this ziplock bag jacket is not very practical it can be used to highlight the overall difference between plastic bags and other plastic packaging goods such as bottled water. Many plastic bags are not “single use” plastic items, but can and are reused for many purposes unlike plastic water bottles. Many steps are being taken to integrate more eco-friendly materials in packaging products, but it is on all of us to not only re-cycle plastics, but to find clever and useful ways to reuse them.