The Super Bowl Plastic Bag Policy

How do you feel about it?A few weeks before the start of NFL preseason games, International Plastics was contacted by the Indianapolis Colts, The Jacksonville Jaguars, and the San Francisco 49’ers. Assuredly, this was not in an attempt to shore up their rosters; rather, it was due to the introduction of a new NFL policy. In the interest of fan security, the NFL enacted a new stadium policy requiring stadium attendees to contain their personal belongings in a clear, reclosable bag. The NFL “All Clear” stadium policy states that fans may no longer enter with any of the following items: purses larger than clutch-sized, coolers, briefcases, backpacks, fanny packs (no real sports fan would wear one of these), cinch bags, non-approved seat cushions, luggage, computer bags, camera bags, or any bag larger than 12” x 6” x 12.” Fans must now place their belongings in either a clear NFL tote or a 1-gallon clear zip-locking bag before entering the stadium. Here is an infographic that outlines the NFL “All Clear” policy the preseason and start of the regular NFL football season, the initial reaction from fans was a mixed bag (no pun intended) of sentiments. For instance, here you can see from a blog post that this Texan’s fan is clearly frustrated with the new policy. The blog highlights various stories, from women having to discard their purses to a supposed increase in ‘crimes of opportunity’ like breaking into cars and stealing valuables. Yet other reports claim that the policy is discriminatory towards women, or that it is geared to prevent fans from bringing in their own concessions in an effort to increase concession stand sales.On the other hand, many fans understood and accepted the changes as just another part of the NFL’s effort to ensure the safety of all fans attending NFL sporting events. And some fans even said that the new requirement was no worse than using the required quart-sized bag for liquids for airline security. In addition, a number of local entrepreneurs are busy creating their own fashionable Ziploc-style carryalls, adding a personalization and flare to the ho-hum short-handled shopper that is currently offered by the NFL. In many cases, these bags help local businesses attract more customers, and even improve their bottom line during football season.As the NFL season progresses, fans seem to adapt well to the new policy and believe it creates an overall safer and more relaxing environment for watching their favorite NFL teams.And on February 2nd 2014, Super Bowl Forty-Eight (#SB48) will conclude the first year of the NFL’s “All Clear” bag policy. And if you are one of the fans attending the big game, here is a link to the specific stadium polices for the Super Bowl We would like to know what you think about the first year of the NFL’s “All Clear” stadium policy. Is the policy discriminatory? Is it a ploy to garner more concession sales? Or is it just a minor adjustment to game day activities that really is for the best? If you attended an NFL stadium game this year, we would like to know your thoughts or experiences. Please post your comments below.