The Scottish are coming, the Scottish are coming Y'all with Eco-Friendly Printed Plastic Bags

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There’s so much more to the Highland Scottish festival than just athletics

The traditions of the Scotts are not something sterile and foreboding like what you might experience in a museum. They are vibrant, living things, constantly growing and evolving, and every generation adds the thumbprint of its own particular Scottish culture to the whole. The Greenville Highland Scottish games is no exception.

Bagpipes, haggis and kilts

Have you experienced the breath-taking reality of a hundred pipers in a spirit filed, disciplined procession? This isn't an image from Scotland's cultural past: it happens at every Greenville, South Carolina, Scottish Highland Games.The traditional notions of stereotypical Scottish fare - haggis, porridge and whisky, are no more. Scotland's new superior super-chefs like Gordon Ramsay are taking the country's incredible natural produce – it's beef, venison and seafood – and elevating them to famed Michelin starred levels.The kilt is making a fashionable resurgence on the catwalk as designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood and Glasgow's own Jonathan Saunders take traditional Scottish dress to places the clan chiefs are probably rolling over in their proverbial grave. After all, blood was shed on the basis of whether or not you wore a kilt proudly or if you didn't dare.Wee Scotland

We're givin' er' all she's got Capt'n.

On May 23rd through the 24th, 2014 The Greenville Scottish Games anchors Gallabrae, and embodies the finest of Scottish traditions brought to new levels of excellence. There are a whole host of activities, presentations, and events (see full list of events here )International Plastics is proud to sponsor Gallabrae. provided Wee Scotland with a custom digital printed fold-over die cut handle plastic bags. As you can see from the image, these vibrantly colored bags really highlight the essence and spirit of the games. These custom printed bags are not only Green in color but are also environmentally friendly bags. These ecofriendly bags are made from an oxo-biodegradable plastic which break down when exposed to heat or sunlight reducing the environmental impact when the bags are discarded.FRONTThere is something for everybody! Come check out the herding dogs as they coral the sheep, the Wee Scotland Village for children, the music, the Braveheart-esque games, and even a car show.Be sure to visit the Greenville Scottish Game May 23rd and 24th at Furman University.Sources:Geenville Scottish Games: Custom Printed Plastic Bags: