The Plastic Bag Conundrum

Plastic bags have a bad reputation these days. Sure, they are convenient and useful, but they are difficult and expensive to recycle.Much of the discussion surrounds waste. Consumers in the United States use and then throw away (or recycle) nearly 40,000,000 plastic bags per year. With that much consumption, Americans are under pressure to either consume less or re-use more. Fortunately, both options are viable.If you prefer to sacrifice the amount of plastic bags you use, look into ways of re-using them. Ironically, plastic bags are strong--the same reason they're difficult to recycle--and so can be washed, cleaned and dried. Ultimatley, they have a long shelf life. And products remain fresh and uncontaminated if the bags are properly sanitized.You can investigate different options for purchasing new bags, too. Certain companies are looking to implement new plastic manufacturing processes. Others are investing in significant internal recycling programs. Also, if you have questions about the plastic bag industry or how plastic bags are recycled, sometimes the best answers come from companies that sell them. One company that has comprehensive information as well as numerous products to select from is International Plastics. International Plastics offers plastic bags, ziplock bags, ice bags and trash bags. So, whether you are going to reduce the amount of plastic you consume or invest in some sturdy re-usable bags, International Plastic is a valuable resource through which to conduct the process.

Plastic RecyclingIan McClure