Stretch wrap body wrap weight loss?

Body wrapping, does it work? Results in as little as 45 minutes?

With New Years upon us my wife and I have decided that now would be a good time to start to try to get back into shape. Sure, this is when everybody breaks out their new years resolutions and most of us try something new, but what the hey, we are game for giving anything, to loose weight, a shot. Especially if it requires no effort on our part.New tennis shoes from Christmas... check. Work out shirt... check. 10 pounds from Thanksgiving to Christmas... check. Stretchwrap... check. Menthol rub... check.I have done a little research into this body wrap thing and came across one article that suggested trying saran wrap and mentho-lyptus rub. So I thought, shoot, I've got the rub at home and I'll grab some stretch wrap from out in the warehouse where I work and go home and give it a shotMy wife was gracious enough to be a guinea pig, as well, for this crazy idea and do it along side of me. We first measured ourselves.Those of you who are wondering... NO, this is NOT my wife! It is the stomach measurement of humbled man.We rubbed on the mentho-lyptus which wasn't a bad experience. A little cool, that's the only sensation initially.Nothing says stretch wrap, body wrap like a big gooping handful of mentho-lyptus.Rubbing the menthol on is easier than taking it off.Then we started wrapping ourselves up in the stretch wrap. Having a roll from the warehouse is a little cumbersome. The roll I grabbed weighed just south of 30 pounds. So, I wanted to make sure she had a good grip on roll or otherwise it may have fell on one of our feet. We found it worked best by allowing the roll to turn on our kitchen table while I actually did the spinning, and my wife held the roll. Almost there. I think I might actually just start dressing like this. Just throw a shirt on over top of it.All wrapped up and no place to go. Nor would I want to go anywhere, at least not out in public.Now for the exhausting part... We set the timer on our microwave and sat on the couch for 45 minutes and discussed our day while eating a candy bar (just kidding about the candy bar). I found the sensation of the wrap to start to be a little itchy, but my wife said she didn't notice that. We determined that it was probably the hair on my body making me itch. It wasn't unbearable just an interesting side note. While sitting there we noticed that it started to get a more intense cooling sensation after about 20 minutes.Set your timer between 45 to 60 minutes.Once the timer went off we got up and ran (My mind ran. My body walked) back into the kitchen to take measurements. My wife went first and she actually lost an inch. I didn't change at all.Yep, 44 inches. How invigerating. This was our first time and we kind of halfheartedly tried it. I wouldn't be opposed to trying it again with maybe incorporating more activity, like a work out and maybe even a more thorough recipe to apply to my body instead of just mentho-lyptus rub.If you feel so inclined to try it yourself please feel free to leave some comments. If you want a more in-depth and better thought out concoction you might want to check out Good luck and happy loosing.Disclaimer, please note that the advice contained in this article is for information purposes only and the author will not be held responsible for any medical conditions or problems that may occur . If you choose to use these ideas please do so at your own risk.