Bag bans cost millions.

Bag bans endanger citizens.

Bag Bans do not help the environment.

Bag bans make no sense.

Bag Bans have become the latest Eco-Fad. Bag Bans are the bragging rights of many misguided city council members and state politicians. Bag bans are based on hyped-up emotionally charged claims. The charges are then driven to an illogical conclusion of completely banning one particular kind of plastic bag. Proponents of bag bans are convinced there is a dire emergency. A perceived emergency that justifies denying everyone access to clean, safe, convenient, recyclable plastic bags.They focus on one tiny fractional, use of plastic (one of the more recycled applications).  The proponents forcefully seek to stop stores from supplying a safe and clean plastic bag for their customers. Willing city council members push this agenda onto their citizens, who do not support the agenda. The officials lack the courage to put the issue to a public vote. Instead, council members hold "public hearings" on the matter where they ignore the pleas from citizens and instead listen to the emotional few. A few that show up at meetings warning of everything from the extinction of species to mysteriously defined great patches of garbage in the ocean.One simple application of a plastic bag is blamed for all the woes of the entire plastic pollution problem. Politicians claim they must act responsibly and override their citizen's free choice, at the store to stop this one perceived menace. The government then spends hundreds of thousands of dollars rolling out and enforcing their unfounded bag bans on their citizens. The public is inconvenienced, public health is risked, businesses lose money, and people are frustrated on a daily basis. There is no significant positive effect of bag bans! The only advantage is that supporters and council members feel warm and fuzzy for forcing everyone to follow their "green" demands. Source: