We say Scottish games, they say Gallagbrae.

International Plastics has once again partnered with one of the larger gatherings of people celebrating Scottish heritage, outside of Scotland.

The McClure's, who are the owners of International Plastics, take great pride in supporting their Scottish ancestry. They not only attend the event but more importantly they want to make sure the games put on a good "face" by printing a beautiful photographic quality die cut handle bag. It may not seem like a big deal, but making sure the event is branded well, even the tiniest thing can have a big impact.Those businesses that need a professionally printed take-home bag can depend on International Plastics.If you happen to be in the Greenville SC area on the memorial day weekend 2016 be sure to attend Gallarbrae ( Scottish Games)!http://www.interplas.com/custom-digital-printed-plastic-bagshttp://www.gallabrae.com