Promotional Halloween Bags Kick Start Holiday Sales

Does your business or organization plan on handing out candy and treats at your local harvest festival or as part of Halloween? Instead of using the typical plain, boring paper or plastic bags, you could choose a colorful, pre-designed festival or Halloween bag that will do more than just wow the kids. Businesses love these bags because they can easily add their company names. Opt for the Halloween bags with tear-off coupons to help incentivize repeat customers.As your part in either a small business or a larger organization, it’s likely you are always looking for ways to extend your exposure so that others will remember you. For many organizations and businesses, Halloween is an often overlooked opportunity to increase exposure and help increase seasonal sales. Let’s take a look at a hypothetical scenario where a small business could use customized promo Halloween bags to not only promote their business, but as a sales tool for the upcoming holiday months.A small local car wash company wants to increase sales during the fall and winter months, generally a slow time of the year. So this October, every customer will receive a custom-printed Halloween bag with candy and an FAQ flyer about an and a $2.00 tear-off coupon for an exterior wash. Not only will the customers appreciate this, but many of the bags will also make their way from door to door as kids go trick-or-treating, which, in turn, can greatly increase exposure within the local community. Additionally, choosing the custom Halloween bag with tear-off coupon provides the incentive for customers to return again during the slow months.So, now that you’re ready to get your own custom Halloween bags, let International Plastics help take all the fright out of ordering, with these 3 easy steps:1. Select from a colorful selection of 25 different pre-printed plastic and metallic Halloween bags2. Tell us what message you want printed on the bag3. Choose your quantity (low minimum - only 250)Compared to traditional mailers or inserts, the promotional Halloween bags with tear off coupon are not only a more creative marketing idea, but they’re much more cost effective. Don’t let this once-a-year opportunity pass you by or see our full line of plastic bags and packaging supplies.Infographic Promo Halloween Bags