Poultry Shrink Bags

FDA approved,Food,Poly Bag,Thanksgiving

FDA approved,Food,Poly Bag,Thanksgiving

Using poultry shrink bags to help prepare a chicken for later on is a great lesson for any child.

Learning how to provide for the family can never start too early. One of the International Plastics employees, David Fulfer, takes great pride in helping instruct his young son on how to prepare a dinner by more than going through a drive through. His son loves helping out around the homestead and understanding where food really comes from, and it 'ain't' the grocery store.

Poultry shrink bags are a staple in freezing food for later enjoyment. Walk into any grocery store around Thanksgiving and you will see all of those turkeys ready to be taken home. It can take any number of days for those birds to find their way into your store. Packaging them in the poultry shrink bags helps prevent contamination and increases freshness.

You may be a poultry farmer or a small homesteader with either chicken or rabbit to preserve or sell. If that is the case why not contact us to help you find the right size and type of wholesale poultry shrinking bag for you or your business. You can get started by visiting our custom poly bag link for a quick request for quote.

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