NASA uses Ziplock Bags to Make Space Barf Bag

Ziplock Space Barf BagMany of us know that uneasy feeling you get in the pit of your stomach that can happen when flying in an airplane or sometimes even just riding in a car. But what happens if you really do have to vomit when you’re 220 miles above the earth? Well, wonder no more, thanks to NASA.Recently, the commander of the International Space Station made a video demonstrating their specially-designed space barf bag. The bag itself is a Ziplock bag that has a lining to clean your face with after you throw-up. And Ziplock bags were the best option to make a space barf bag, as astronaut Chris Hadfield points out. There could be no risk of leaking from the bag, because it’s not like you’re able to throw it away when you’re done like you can on earth. He goes on to explain… “This bag is going to stay with me in space for months, so we want a really good barf bag.”You can see the full story  here: , and you can see our own wide selection of Ziplock bags here: Oh, and we’re sorry that we don’t yet offer the space barf bag, but you can choose from 1000’s of other plastic bags.