Moving? Got Pets? Check Out These Moving Tips from U-Haul

Moving with your pet can be a stressful experience. Make it easier by following some simple ideas.February is Responsible Pet Owners Month and U-Haul, the leader in do-it-yourself moving, has teamed up with PetSmart Charities to make sure your pets are happy and comfortable during your move.U-HaulAccording to the National Council on Pet Population and Study, "moving" is the number one reason dogs are surrendered to shelters and the number three reason for cats. Pet owners who might otherwise think they need to give their pet up when faced with a move can visitASPCAPlanning a move with a rental trailer, follow these tips to get your furry companions there safely and comfortably.Keep your pet safe: Friends, family and moving helpers are usually a part of every move, and all the extra commotion may distress your pets. They may hide in unexpected spots, creating a tripping hazard or...even worse...they may try to dart out the door. Consider boarding your pets on the day of the move or confining them to their favorite room in the house.Have your pet ride shotgun: Depending on your pet, you may be able to have your companion ride shotgun with you to your new home. Just as it's important for you to buckle up, the same applies to your pet. Using some type of pet carrier or car seat not only will keep your pet safe in case of an accident, but helps eliminate distractions for the driver. Most pet stores carry seat-belt adapters to fit your dog, but you want to make sure that they have been tested. Here is a recent joint study conducted by the Center for Pet Safety and Subaru

Center for pet safety

that tested pet car seats on the market and listed which brands passed and failed crash testing. If you have a cat or other small animals that a pet car seat would not work for, then it is suggested to use a pet crate or kennel. Make sure the carriers are secured and carefully positioned so they won't be disturbed during the move.

NOTE: DO NOT transport animals in the cargo area of any rental equipment. Moving vans and trailers are not designed for transporting animals and do not provide proper ventilation and airflow. It is a violation of the rental agreement to transport any animals in the back of U-Haul moving vans or in U-Haul trailers.Welcome your pet home: Finally, there will be an adjustment time for your pet once you arrive at your new home or apartment. With new rooms and smells to explore, your pet may become frightened or stressed. Show them where their new "bathroom" is located. Give them extra attention with play time and by staying home with them for a few days after the move, if possible. Empty moving boxes also can be amusing toys for both cats and dogs.Resources:

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