Many Uses For Plastic Sheeting Including Slip n Slide

How many ways can you use plastic sheeting? That is the question!!

International Plastics manufactures, imports, and supplies all types of protective, flexible packaging, including poly sheeting , also known as plastic sheeting. Plastic sheeting is a general-purpose polyethylene film for use in construction projects, paint protection and agriculture applications. Commonly referred to as Construction and Agriculture Film (C&A), it is also sometimes known by the brand name Visqueen, especially in the UK.Polyethylene was created after a chemical reaction between ethylene and benzaldehyde through a polymerization process and was first discovered in 1933. It wasn’t produced as a film until 1936, a year after polyethylene was patented. Poly film is waterproof, rot proof and resistant to many chemicals making it useful in a variety of fields.Plastic film comes in a variety of sizes while ranging, most commonly, from 1 to 6 MIL in thickness. Standard colors are black, clear and natural. Below we have complied a list of non traditional uses for plastic sheeting to be used temporarily if you happen to find yourself in a bind.

1. Shelter, Tarp and Ground Sheet

Shelter, Tarp and Ground SheetC&A Film to temporarily protect equipment or machinery from the elements; Also use as a groundcover or temporary shelter to protect people during camping or catastrophic events.

2. Covering Large Containers & Wood Piles

Plastic over firewoodUse plastic sheeting as a tarp to keep debris out of water supplies or to cover firewood that is being seasoned.

3. Aquaponics & Water Features

Line pond water features with plastic sheetingLine a fish pond and other water features with plastic sheeting as a barrier to protect containers from rot or to contain water from seeping into the ground.

4. Waterproof Containers

Waterproof Container Using Plastic FilmIf you happen to have a container that has a leak, line with plastic sheeting to make waterproof again.

5. Rain Collection

Collecting rain with poly sheetingTake plastic C&A film and suspend horizontally with one side lower than the other. Place a container underneath the lower side of the poly film to catch the runoff.

6. Dust Containment

Plastic Sheet Dust BarrierRemodeling can be really messy and sometimes you will need a Dust Barrier. Use plastic sheeting to enclose areas that will be demolished or improved, like tearing down sheet rock (drywall) or painting.

7. Winterize Windows

Winterize WindowsDuring an emergency such as a winter storm, cover windows and doors for extra insulation.

8. Temporary Repairs

Plastic Film ProtectionIf you find yourself in a situation where a storm has caused damage to your car or house windows or roof, use plastic sheeting as a temporary cover from outside elements.

9. Blackout Curtains

Black Out Blinds Plastic SheetingTo achieve complete darkness, tack up black plastic sheeting over windows to stop the external light from ruining your sleep.

10. Solar Still

Solar StillDig a four foot wide, three feet deep pit with a deeper hole in the middle. Place a container in the center and cover with plastic sheeting. Place a rock in the middle of a sheet and anchor down the sides of the plastic film. Condensation will drip down into the container, creating an emergency water supply.

11. Plastic Sheeting Used To Make A Greenhouse

Plastic Sheeting Green HousePlastic sheeting can be used as a greenhouse paneling. Be sure the plants are getting adequate UV light. Certain brands of Visqueen block out UV rays.

12. Seal Crawl Space

Seal Crawl Space with Plastic FilmEncapsulate crawl spaces and basements with plastic sheeting. This blocks water vapor, gases and saves on energy in home or businesses.

13. Game & Food processing

Plastic Covering TableWhether you’re processing a deer for it’s tasty venison in the back 40 or preparing a large messy meal for the Fall festival, plastic sheeting can help you minimize the mess.

14. Plastic Sheeting For Landscaping

Landscaping PlasticUse black plastic sheeting in your landscapes and gardens to prevent the growth of unwanted weeds. These are some conventional and unconventional ways to use plastic sheeting. Hopefully, we have sparked a creative idea of how you can multi-purpose your poly sheeting.

15. Plastic Sheeting Slip n Slide Step By Step Guide

Follow these simple steps to turn your backyard into an amazing sun filled water cooled amusement park.Good Choice for DIY Slip'n Slide Yard1. Pick a nice open sloped area without debris, especially rocks and pebbles.Garden Hose for Water Slide2. Check to make sure a garden hose will reach to the slide.Play Sand for Slip N' Slide 3. (Optional) Laying down a thin layer of play sand the length of the slide will help to keep the experience a little more comfortable. Take care as to not to put to much sand as it will cause heavier riders to create “divots” along the course.Poly Sheeting on Roll4. Roll out the poly sheeting. It is recommended it be 6 mil thick and clear is preferable since black poly can get hot. Give enough room for the riders to stop at the bottom.Landscape Fabric Peg for DIY Water Slide 5. Beginning at the start of the slide stake down each corner and then continue anchoring down the sides as often as possible. (Landscape fabric pegs are perfect. It is a good idea to reinforce the poly, especially at the beginning of the slide, with duct tape, where the pegs go through.)Sprinkler for DIY Water Slide 6. Position a sprinkler to continually get the riders and slide wet.Garden Hose to PVC Water Slide7. Run a length of PVC pipe, that has been joined to a garden hose. 1/16” holes should be drilled every 6 inches to allow consistent streams of water to arc onto the slide. A really wide slide will benefit from drilling the holes in different positions so that more of the slide gets wet.Dishwashing Liquid for use on a DIY Slip N Slide8. Dish soap is an added bonus to make the riders quite a bit more slippery.Burned Grass from Backyard Slip N Slide 9. When you have had as much fun as is permissible by law, be sure to take the poly up as it can “burn” the grass.

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