Largest annual human migration is around the corner.

Chinese New Year, Chinese Spring,CNY,Manufacture, Work Disruption

Chinese New Year, Chinese Spring,CNY,Manufacture, Work Disruption

The world’s largest annual human migration is around the corner.

“Well, sounds interesting. Where and when?” You might ask.
Those engaged in constant business activities in China are probably not smirking now.

Yes, they know the answer.
It takes place in China and it falls on the Lunar Chinese New Year or Chinese Spring Festival.

Although The year of the pig. doesn’t officially start until February 5th. the incredible homecoming migration begins 15 days earlier on January 21.

The migration lasts for 30 days — beginning on February 5 this year. Millions of Chinese worker will be heading to their hometowns for this holiday.

The last day is known as the Lantern Festival (February 19, 2019)

Smart overseas dealers’ nerves are on edge: With major labor forces being away from the production site, holding up the public transport network for nearly one month.

One thing is for certain:
• Business activities in China will be paralyzed throughout February. • The impact is far-reaching and capacity will be significantly reduced.
• Raw plastic resin material will be in short supply.
• Commodity prices will be soaring.
• Lead times will be impacted or postponed.
• Shipping space will be extremely tight.
The supply chain will be disrupted costing manufacturers extra on purchasing with eroded margins, and worse.

Is there anything that can be done?
Yes and NO.

YES. Take action immediately and put into motion the steps to order International Plastics packaging materials while keeping in mind… what is taking place in China.

No. Take no action and hope that an order that is placed with International Plastics might arrive when you want it to.


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