Going Green is International Plastics' Continual Commitment

Earth Day or going green causes most people to pause and take inventory of how and what they are doing with the resources they have.As a business with a strong emphasis on trying a "Going Green" initiative we thought it would be wise to take inventory of the 5 R's, ourselves.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose, Renew & Going Green

Reduce - In 2012 International Plastics took the self imposed initiative to reduce our power consumption by beginning a complete overhaul of all of the lights in the 90,000 square feet of warehouse space we use. It was determined that by changing out the current light fixtures with motion activated compact fluorescent fixtures we would not only save on our power bill but cut energy consumption by up to 30%. As a side benefit, wasted man hours of mis-picked orders due to poor lighting, has dropped to almost nothing.Solar film was also installed on the outside windows of the offices which amounts to a savings of 10% - 15% in cooling costs.Compact Flourescent Lights in warehouseReuse - Some of the more fantastic ideas we like passing along are all the wonderful ideas that our current and potential customers come up with on Pinterest in terms of reusing flexible packaging.Using plastic bags just like yarn.Recycle - Not only do we sell shipping supplies we also use them. The stretch wrap that holds inbound shipments together must be cut and taken off in order to break the shipments down into manageable parcels. That tends to leave us with a lot of unusable stretch wrap. The best thing we have found to do with the stretch film is to put it into the recycling stream. Which in turn then helps produce some of the products we end up selling like poly sheeting.All of our poly products, like bags and tubing are 100% recyclable. Just one more way in a long line of living up to our commitment and helping our customers in going green.Repurpose - Usually when you think of bubble wrap either stress relieving bubble popping or using it in protecting dear old Aunt Edna's prized ceramic cat comes to mind. Have you ever considered that maybe someone has figured out a way to take that bubble wrap and turn it into jewelry? Well, that is exactly what the book Jewlery Upcycled shows you how.Upcycled Jewlery BookRenew - At first glance taking flexible packaging and renewing it seems like it would be impossible. That is until an ingenious concept like using cardboard boxes as insulation in  houses comes along helping "Going Green" to be implemented in another place. The internet has made it so that we can all get good deals on goods but it also means a lot more cardboard into the waste stream than what used to be there.Going Green with Cardboard InsulationInternational Plastics takes our roll as going green and being a good steward with what we have been given very seriously and that not only shows in the products we offer that are sustainable and green but also our approach with our facilities. From our 100% biodegradable zip locking bags or the 100% biodegradable Natural Sisal Twine, we have a fine variety of products to choose from.