How To Remove Poison Ivy Using a Plastic Bread Bag

Simple step by step process to remove poison ivy using the common plastic bread bag, without the need of gloves or wearing long sleeves.

Identify Poison Ivy to remove poison ivy with a plastic bread bagWhen you remove poison ivy precautions need to be taken so that your skin does not come into contact with the leaves, where the bags do not protect your arms.Place your hand into the bread bag. Be sure the bag goes as far up your arm as possible. Make sure there are no holes in the bag.While you go to grab the poison Ivy plant take care not to snag the bag on other plants that might tear or poke holes in the bag.Poison Ivy does not have thorns but you still will need to take care not to grab the plant without being sure there isn't another plant or hidden thorn nearby.Now that you have the Poison Ivy securely in the bread bag, pull the open end of the bag and pull the plant up by the roots so that it doesn't grow back.Take the open end of the bread bag and knot it. Again, be careful not to touch the insides of the bag.There you have it. A simple effective and free way of getting rid of that foul weed. Good hunting.Source: Bread Bags (