How to find the end of a roll of tape.

Using a toothpick to help keep the end of a roll of tape easily findable and visible.

One of the most frustrating things about packing tape is losing the end of the tape.

Besides being used for that piece of spinach in your smile, a toothpick has rarely been as helpful as when placed at the end of the roll of tape. The toothpick keeps the tape from sticking back on the roll, helping you easily find its end. A frustrating feature of packaging tape is that the end of the roll is generally difficult to grasp when you want to use it, and hence the invention of the tape gun. You won't have a handheld tape gun for every job, so this handy tip can prevent wasted time and frustration.Using a toothpick allows the end of the tape roll not to stick to itself. All you need do is place a toothpick under the end. This way it'll be easy to pull back up next time you need it. This technique is especially helpful with clear packing tape and large rolls. A toothpick, is a much better option than just folding the edge of the tape under itself to create a makeshift tab, because you loose the adhesive edge on the end of the tape.Follow the steps below as an easy guide.

  • Lift the tape up off of the roll about the width of your hand (approximately 6 inches)
  • Place a rigid toothpick about a fingers width (approx. 1/2 inch) from the end of the tape.
  • Place tape back against the roll