Forget the World Cup.

DSC04461The real passion for soccer can be found right here in the Upstate of South Carolina.

International Plastics is not only a leading supplier of flexible packaging but they are deeply involved in the community.Donating hundreds of pints of blood, International Plastic's employees being personally invested in different houses of Christian worship, and helping to elevate motivational speaker Butch Lumpkin to a much more recognized and sought after national speaker and many more social causes to many to actually list here, are just a few of the items on a long list of involvement.One of the more recent and exciting ways that International Plastics has involved itself locally is by sponsoring a mens soccer team (Team Argentina) in a local premier club in the upstate of South Carolina.Team Name: Argentina will participate in a World Cup" themed 8 week 8 game season. Fourteen players are currently on the roster but a few will not finish the season, due to visiting family in Mexico.The team has just formed for this tournament, but there is a possibility of continuing to play through out the year in the leagues that Greenville Premier League organizes or possibly around the community. The team jerseys that IP has provided will be used as an opportunity to keep the team together and build up cohesiveness.Ages range from 18 to 43, with most being in their early twenties and all have played professional, semi-pro, or college soccer.While some of the players, who are from the United States, Mexico & Honduras, do play on some other teams during the week they certainly enjoy their Monday night games at a local sporting facility known as the Kroc center.The Greenville Premier League is organized as a venue to play high quality soccer and to honor Christ... as well as opportunities to reach out to the community elder statesman of the team, David Fulfer (Who is anticipating getting his D coaching license very soon), wanted to point out...

"Hopefully as the team gels together opportunities will arise to reach out to the community. I know that GPL is hosting a soccer camp this summer and that their focus is always sharing some Scripture and prayer.  They are having a camp through out the summer for youth on Thursday nights"

David's Family lived in Cordoba, Argentina for 5 years. Where he played a lot of futbol (soccer) and was surprised that there was such a strong interest in learning North American football which was used as an outreach to the local community.UPDATE (July 28, 2014)Congratulations to the 2014 GPL champions... team "Argentina". Unlike team Argentina in the 2014 World Cup this team "Argentina" actually won.