Environmentally Friendly Trash Bags-Plastic Goes Green

International Plastics offers a variety of GREEN trash bags that are environmentally friendly.

* These Green Trash Bags are Ozone safe. No Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's) are used in the manufacturing process.* They are 100% Recyclable. Polyethylene can be recycled into many useful, durable products, such as refuse containers, building materials, and office accessories.* They are Non-Toxic and Clean-Burning. When burned properly, polyethylene (made from carbon and hydrogen), turns to carbon dioxide and water. No toxic fumes are emitted and the residual ash (only .25 % remains) is not toxic. Additionally, polyethylene has a higher BTU content (17,800 BTU's/lb.) than coal and paper, producing more energy when burned.* They are Safe in Landfills. Studies show that even readily degradable items are not degrading in landfills. On the positive side, though, polyethylene products are stable ingredients in landfills. They are not toxic and do not give off leachate or methane gas.Earth Friendly* They are Good For Solid Waste Management. Although polyethylene food service packaging accounts for less than 25% of the municipal solid waste. Green Trash Bags use a balanced approach to utilizing source-reduction, recycling, safe incineration, and using landfills safely, with safe incineration being the priority. Energy is the byproduct of incineration and landfills are becoming hard to find.

GreenIan McClure