D.I.Y. Great Big Pumpkin Lawn Jack-0-Lantern using an Orange Trash Bag

Orange Trash Bag... Nah. Lawn Jack-O-Lantern... YEA!

A simple step by step how to on making your own lawn Jack-o-lanterns. Instead of spending a fortune on leaf bags at a big box store why not pick up a case of 56 Gallon orange trash bags. Especially if you are having a big gathering and want a cheap way to decorate your property for the spooky get together.What you'll need

56 Gallon Orange Trash BagBrick in Orange Trash Bag to hlep weigh the Jack-O-Lantern downPackaging peanuits inside of a Lawn PumpkinZip Tie holding the trash bag shutDiagraph Jumbo Permanent Insta Marker applying the Jack-O-Lantern face3M Black Vinyl tapeOrange Trash Bag in Garbage CanSources:http://www.interplas.com/