“Deflategate” solved.

Looking for under inflated footballs? Try a UV Amber reclosable bag instead.

Proud supplier of patriots footballs or amber UV protective reclosable bags.Looks as if the the broo ha ha about Tom Brady and the Patriots needed to look no further than our Amber UV Clearzip bags. Everyone knows that 3 Mil reclosable bags are not meant to hold 13.5 PSI. They probably can't even hold 3.5 PSI. Our best guess is that the team doctor had a little fun, and actually played a practical joke on the Patriots by switching out the game balls with the pharmaceutical reclosable bags he uses to store the teams medications.Case closed.Team Doctor - 1New England Patriots - 0.Maybe the Pats and coach Bill Belichick will even the score come Super Bowl time by wrapping the doctor in packing tape and leaving him at midfield just before kick off.