Clear One Gallon Ziplock Bags Now A Part Of Your NFL Tailgating Supplies

Are you ready for some football? Get out your favorite team jersey, put on your face paint, prep your tailgating party, and bring your ziplock bags. Wait a minute! Is that a misprint? Bring your ziplock bag? Yes, that is correct! A 1 gallon clear ziplock will need to be part of your NFL game day tailgating preparation this year as the league has introduced a new policy titled “All Clear”.In 2001 the NFL started adopting Stadium Security rules due to the tragic terrorist events that have occurred in our country. This year they have implemented another new stadium policy that only allows fans to bring in an official NFL tote, a One Gallon Ziplock Bag or a clear resealable plastic bag no larger than 12" x 6" x 12".So let’s take a look at what types of bags are no longer allowed and the details of approved clear plastic bags fans will need to use.What types of bags will fans not be able to carry into a NFL stadium this year?NFL Bag not in stadium

  • Backpacks
  • Briefcases
  • Camera Bags
  • Computer Bags
  • Coolers
  • Diaper Bags
  • Fanny Packs
  • Purses (Larger than a clutch bag)
  • Bags that are not clear and or exceeded the permitted size of 12” x 6” x 12”.
  • Exceptions will be made for necessary related items after proper inspection.

What type of clear plastic bag’s are fans permitted to use at NFL stadiums?NFL Clear 1 Gallon ZiplockEach fan will be allowed to carry only one clear plastic bag that’s 1 gallon in max size or a small clutch bag into the game. Here are the specific details about bags that will be allowed into the stadiums starting with pre-season games.

  • Clear 12” x 12” one gallon plastic ziplock freezer bag
  • Bags that are made from clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC materials and do not exceed the max size mentioned above. The NFL is offering official NFL team logo plastic clear tote bags that are available online at or from club merchandise outlets.
  • Small clutch bag (purse) with or without a strap that is approximately the size of a person’s hand.

What if you get to the stadium without a bag?According to the NFL and several NFL teams that have purchased clear 1 gallon ziplock bags from, each stadium during this transition period will be supplying our approved bags to fans. Stadium officials will be setting up a secondary perimeter where they will be looking for fans with bags that are not approved. They will then offer fans an approved clear 1 gallon ziplock bags which will expedite entry into the stadium.Although some might see this as a slight inconvenience, the NFL and teams strongly believe the new policy will benefit fans with a safer and more secure environment to enjoy the game, and a quicker entrance into the games. What do you think about the new NFL All clear policy? Leave your comments below.

NFL Security Policies
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