Christmas recycle list - check it twice

38 different ways to handle left overs from unwrapping gifts.Christmas is only 3 days away so here is a helpful Recycling Holiday Checklist. What to recycle and what not to — wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift boxes, cards, etc. Recycling rules of thumb don’t go on vacation, so when in doubt ask this question: is it a container that can contain less than 2 gallons? Yes? Recycle. If no, research a little deeper. Paper products are all almost always recyclable — with very limited exceptions.Bows: Reuse if possible; if not, trash.Blister packaging: Hard-to-open container around consumer products you usually need scissors to open; recycle.Bubble wrap: Recycle with plastic bags at supermarkets, pharmacies, and big box stores.Candles, wax: Collect wax remnants for remelting into new candles, or trash.Candles, electric or battery operated: Trash.Candle jars, glass: Empty, and then recycle.Cardboard: Flatten, and then recycle.Catalogs (and envelopes): Recycle. No need to shred, as your name and address aren’t considered “sensitive” material. But if you’re still worried, tear off your name and address label, shred the label, and recycle the rest.Christmas trees and wreaths, real: Make them naked (remove everything from the tree, including the stand; remove metal frame from wreath), contact your city or town for collection dates, or toss in your backyard as a habitat enhancement.Christmas trees and wreaths, artificial: Reuse or donate, not recyclable.Extension cords: If not repairable, trash.Foam packing peanuts: Reuse; contact local package shipping or gift store; offer them online for someone to use when moving; otherwise, trash.Fruitcake: Never in your recycling bin or cart. If you can’t bear to finish the leftovers, send what you can home with relatives, and toss the rest in the trash.Fruit: Food scraps belong in your compost bin. If you don’t compost, toss the rest in the trash.Gift bags, mesh, cellophane: Reuse, or trash.Gift bags, cloth: Reuse or drop-off in any “clothing” donation bin in Rhode Island.Gift bags, paper: Remove non-paper handles (trash), then recycle the bag.Gift boxes, cardboard: Reuse, or flatten and recycle.Gift cards or certificates, paper/cardboard: Use or donate; recyclable.Gift cards, plastic: Use or donate; not recyclable, trash.Gift tags, cardboard: RecycleGift tags, stickers: TrashGift tins, metal: Reuse, or recycle.Glass ornaments, broken: Place in a cardboard box, tape shut, and place in the trash. This is to avoid injury to handlers.Greeting cards: Donate to accepting charities, or recycle. Twist-Ties or Zip-Ties that Attach Every Child’s New Toy: Trash.Pie plate, foil: Rinse clean and recycle.Plastic ornaments, broken: Trash.Ribbon: Reuse if possible. If not, trash.Rigid or molded packing foam: Recyclable at KWD in Uxbridge, Mass., (directions are on the A to Z list website); not recyclable in bin or cart; trash if not bringing to KWD.String lights: Recycle via mail-in program from, or trash; not recyclable in bin or cart.Tinsel: Trash.Tissue wrapping paper: Recycle.Tree stands, metal: Reuse; recyclable at a community recycling center, not in the household bin or cart.Tree stands, plastic: Reuse, bring to a local bulky plastic recycling container, or trash.Wrapping material, Mylar or cellophane: Reuse if possible otherwise, trash.Wrapping paper: If the paper came from a tree, recycle.Wrapping paper, foil lined: Trash, not recyclable.Source:www.providencejournal.comShipping Supplies