Bubble Wrap Turns 50 Years Old, More Than Just Protective Packaging

There have been many astonishing inventions in the past 50 years from the personal computer and the Internet, to the mapping of the human genome. These inventions, plus countless others, are commonly discussed in major media outlets, but it is not a common occurrence when an ordinary everyday items makes the national news. On a recent airing of The NBC Nightly News they did just this, when they paid homage to the 50 year anniversary of the invention of bubble wrap.

Bubble Wrap was invented in 1957 by two engineers

Marc Chavannes and Alfred Fielding - and is now a product brand of the Sealed Air Corporation, founded in 1960 by the two inventors. Bubble Wrap has since become more than just cushion packaging. Bubble Wrap makes the ever familiar "popping" sound. It can also be used both as a source of amusement and to alleviate stress. This has been seen with the creation of several websites with a bubble Wrap theme, and even a mobile phone app that offers Bubble Wrap games where users may "pop" by clicking on the bubbles.In the packaging and shipping industry, the applications for bubble wrap have been extended beyond just wrapping products. In many instances, there are small or very sensitive items which do not lend themselves to just being wrapped - enter the bubble bag, and bubble mailers.Bubble bags or, as they are sometimes called, bubble-out bags, are the ideal solution for the packaging of breakable or delicate items - such as ceramics or glassware. Clear bubble-out bags afford extra protection without any of the additional padding or shipping cost associated with other types of protective packaging. Some bags are self-sealing bubble out bags, pull-away adhesive strip, which assists in sealing the bag securely. It’s just like having your product suspended in a bubble of protection. Another style of bubble wrap bags are anti static ziplock bags which are used in the packaging and shipping of sensitive electronics and cleanroom environments. Bubble Wrap Turns 50,Associated Press VideoCreative Uses of Bubble WrapThe below image shows some creative uses that people have come up with over the years.Top to Bottom: Art, Calanders, Fashion, Window Tent and Insulation, Underware, Hours of funOnline Bubble Wrap Popping Game: