7 Weird Examples of Bagvertising

Bagvertising:  [bag•ver•tahy•zing]- the lovechild of a bag and advertising.

Bagvertising is a clever use of printing on a grocery bag, take out bag, trade show bag or any variety of plastic bags that a brand wants to bring attention to a service or product. Some brands choose to be shocking while most choose a more interactive or cerebral approach.A person carrying a bag with a head in it. Making a visual pun on a head hunter.

Meralco, the Manilla's top supplier of electricity, aimed to show goodwill to its consumers by educating them on how electric consumption works and how to read electricity bills through bagvertsising.

It has become harder and harder to get consumer attention with electronic media vying for their recognition. A more tried and tested approach my be what a business or brand is needing, and International Plastics is just the place that can make BAGVERTISING happen.

The gun on this bagvertising bag is positioned so that the bag user appears to be holding the bag and thereby including themselves in the crime story.

The Dubai Autism Center: Helping Hand Bag made good use of bagvertising to cause an emotional physical reaction of you see the bag either with or without it being held.

Lipton tea drew attention to their new Clear Green Tea by using an oversized tea bag that makes it look as if the user is carrying a hug tea bag. Very clever bagvertising.

The Fitness Company used Bagvertsising to give "Weight" to it's message.

Shumensko used a picture of a Beer Crate in their Bagverttising effort.

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