Adhesive Tape How it's Made pressure-sensitive tape is used so often because it can adhere two surfaces (preferably flat surfaces) to each other without using some outside influence like heat, solvents or other materials in order to make it sticky. This wonderful invention uses something as mundane as a tiny bit of pressure to make it adhere quickly.Man made clear cellulose acetate film (originally this was made of natural cellulose derived from plants like hemp or cotton) is made to adhere through the addition of artificial rubber resin. How are these two layers applied together initially?First, by simply applying a primer to the side of the film that will hold the adhesive, the manufacturing facility can then apply a very minute layer of the rubber-based glue. Second, by heating or blowing hot air across the tape, any liquid not desired for the end product that is present in the adhesive will evaporate, leaving a much purer dose of glue.Other types of adhesive tape involve adhering the glue to the tape using an enormous amount of pressure. Finally the tape is then rolled onto a press-board tube for easy dispensing -- often with a piece of paper which keeps that ever evading end of the tape available for the user.