9 tips using rock salt to melt Ice around your home and business.

Helpful hints for maximizing the effect of melting ice and getting ahead of the winter season, using rock salt or ice melt that you buy in plastic bags.

Dispensing rock salt can produce big benefits. Using some type of ice control to melt the ice on pathways saves time, money and most importantly provides safe footing for your customers or employees.

  1. A helpful and much cheaper alternative to Ice Melt or even the rock salt that is sold in the smaller bags at home improvement, hardware stores and even some grocery stores for treating sidewalks for ice, is to buy the larger 50lb bag of "Pool Salt". It is basically the same stuff but it is much cheaper!
  2.  Throw some rock salt down on walk ways and driveways before the first snowflake hits the ground. Rock salt and Ice Melt work by lowering the freezing temperature and thereby creating a gap between the ice and the pavement. This is effective when a weekend snowfall is forecast making Monday morning a welcoming and safe venture into the building.
  3. If snow is already on the ground, remove as much of it as possible. This helps to do two things:
    1. It will lessen ice accumulation
    2. Rock salt and Ice melt are most effective when in direct contact with the ice.
  4. Make sure that the ice melt is applied in an equally dispensed layer. Surface damage is usually caused in areas where it has been over applied. *Get in touch with the paving company before applying any type of rock salt or Ice melt for  concrete that is less than 12 months old and still not fully cured.
  5. Avoid landscaping and grass: Rock salt and Ice Melt may be great for getting rid of ice. It puts the smack down on anything living.
  6. Sand is great for traction but it does not melt the ice. A downside is that it can be tracked in making entrances dirty and ruining the finish on flooring or shortening the life of carpet plus it may be a nuisance even into spring.
  7. Ice melt is necessary almost every time it snows. Even if ice isn't visible, it may be hiding under the snow. The most dangerous ice can be isolated patches that pedestrians aren’t aware of.
  8. Most floors won't have an issue with Ice Melt but salt and and sand are a different story that are very abrasive and can allow melted snow to penetrate the protective coating on both carpet and hard flooring.
  9. The best time to buy any kind of product for either melting the ice or helping with the traction is when the first leaf falls and the first snowflake falls. Waiting until the last minute can mean paying a premium and maybe not getting what you need.

The Northeast and Midwest sections of the United States' first snowfall is probably days away. The first snowfall typically occurs around Oct. 30 for Chicago. Those in the Northwest U.S. already have an inch or two of accumulation.

Heavy Duty Rock Salt Bag with Handle

Ice melt can prevent major problems. Most businesses or organizations, long term storage of rock salt or Ice melt is not a concern. It makes the most sense to be prepared having to much on hand and not need it while supplies are plentiful and prices are lower than they will be later in the season.

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Source: www.interplas.com/custom-poly-bags