86 Uses for Ziplock Bags The Ultimate Guide

Lowly zip lock bags have many more uses than simply holding a sandwich or chips for lunch. ClearZip® reclosable poly bags are commonly used for shipping, packaging, and storage but there are many other uses. Every now and then people find unusual and creative uses for an ordinary product, and reclosable zip bags are one of them.We have put together an exhaustive and ultimate list of unusual and creative uses for zip lock bags for your home, your car, for travel and more!

ClearZip® Bags help with automobiles


1. Car Care: Keep a few in your glove compartment for wet collapsible umbrellas. You can also use ClearZip® lock top bags to store your jumper cables neatly. They also make great garbage bags for the kids’ wrappers after snacking.2. Car Mirror Protectors: If you know there is going to be an ice or snowstorm, slide zip lock bags over your side view mirrors. Slide them right off, along with the ice, in the morning.

Traveling with ziplock bags can be a real life saver


3. Medications For Travel: If you need daily medications, put the individual daily doses into a snack size bag. Use a white block reclosable bag to label them by name and day of use. Seal all of those individual bags into one quart-size ClearZip® bag.

4. Kids Activity Kits: Go to a dollar store and buy a bunch of cheap items like, puzzles, travel games, note pads, stickers, crayons, mini books, and other fun activities to keep kids occupied while traveling.5. Travel Toiletry Kits: Gather up all of those samples and freebies and create toiletry kits for travel. That way, all you have to do is grab-and-go.6. Kids Care Kits: Keep a zip lock bag in your center console or glove compartment with travel sized items like, sunscreen, bug spray, hand sanitizer, hand wipes, and other supplies you wish you had on hand.7. Packing: You can individually pack your kids’ outfits for vacation, making getting dressed simple. Save the headache of an exploded shampoo bottle that might leave you hosing out your toiletry bag. Separate liquid toiletries and put them in a ClearZip® before adding them to the bathroom bag. Store pairs of shoes in ClearZip® zipper bags before tossing them in your suitcase to keep clothes fresh. Backpacking? Keep everything you want dry (passport, money, camera, etc.) in a ClearZip® to protect it.8. Child’s Suitcase: Organize outfits in jumbo zip lock storage bags. Put a matching top, bottom, a pair of underwear, and socks in each bag. This way kids know exactly what they are going to wear each day of a vacation.9. Keep Passports In Good Shape: Store your passport in a ClearZip® bag to keep it protected.

Households use Ziplocks in a bazillion ways


10. Wax or Gum Remover: Put some ice into a bag, seal it, and then set it over the spilled candle wax or gum stuck to the carpet. Wait until it hardens, then scrape it off.

11. Clogged Shower Head: Fill a ClearZip® bag with white vinegar, submerge the showerhead in the bag, and use rubber bands or string to tie the open end of the bag closed. Let the shower head soak overnight and remove in the morning.12. Potpourri: (see sachet bag) Collect dried roses, juniper sprigs, tiny pinecones, and strips of orange rind, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, and allspice berries. Combine a few drops of rose, cinnamon, and balsam oils with orrisroot (usually available at local crafts stores). Add all ingredients and seal in a ClearZip® bag for a few weeks to mellow, turning the bag occasionally.

Home Health Zip Lock Bag Uses


13. Emergency Water Transporter: You can use ClearZip® bags as a sealed water cup or as an emergency water transporter. Since the zipper top bag will be prone to leakage or breakage when it is filled with water, you may want to “double bag” the water to keep it as secure as possible. While ClearZip® or any zip locking bag, for that matter, are not waterproof (unless otherwise stated) this method is only recommended as an alternative when nothing else is available.

14. Keeping Tinder Dry: Keep tinder, matches, lighters, magnesium or other kinds of fire starters dry and protected inside a secure zip top bag.15. Wound Cover: Even the smallest of open wounds can be devastating in different situations once infection sets in. If you tie or duct tape a zip lock bag over the wound, it can help to keep elements such as germs or dirt out of the wound.16. Insect Repellent: Fill a bag with pennies, water, lime juice, and salt to keep flies away.17. File Cabinet: Keep important documents dry and crease free. Add a square of cardboard in a ziplock bag with you to protect small, important documents.18. Personal Air Conditioner: Fill a zip locking bag with water and put a washcloth in the bag. Keep it in a cooler to stay cool on hot days.19. First Aid Ice Packs: Keep different sizes of ziplocking bags in the freezer filled with water or gel for bumps and bruises.

Clothing Uses For Zip Lock Bag


20. Keeping Socks and Clothes Dry: A real killer when lost in the wilderness is wet socks. Wet socks can have adverse effects (such as trench foot) on your feet. This is why you should rotate the socks on your feet after a few hours of hiking in wet conditions. There is no better place to keep a pair of socks dry than in a zip locking bag.

21. Hat: If your zip lock bag is big enough, you can always use it as a hat to keep your head protected from the cold rain. It may look funny, but it is better than having a cold, drenched head!22. Extra Clothing For Kids: Preschools usually ask for an extra set of clothing in case of accidents. Send a weather-appropriate top, bottom, underwear, and a pair of socks in a zip lock bag. Stick extra ClearZip® bags in the diaper bag for soiled diapers and dirty clothes.23. Shoe Storage: Stick each pair of shoes in a zip lock bag while traveling to keep your clothes clean.24. Panty Hose Storage: Tear off the corner of the package listing the brand, size, and color, then slip it into a zip lock bag. Store each pair in its own bag to keep hose organized and prevent snags.25. Unmentionables Organizer: Separate lingerie, scarves, gloves, hosiery, and handkerchiefs.26. Jewelry Box: Organize rings, earrings, necklaces, and brooches in individual ClearZip® bags.27. Sock Drawer: Keep a fresh pair of socks in a zip locking bag for clean, dry socks on the go.

Use Zip Lock Bags To Get Orginized


28. Office/School Supplies: Use a reclosable ClearZip® for thumbtacks, paper clips, erasers, pencil sharpeners, and other small objects grouped together.

29. Sachet Bag: Fill a zip lock with potpourri or dried lavender. Poke a bunch of tiny holes in the bag with a pin. Place in a drawer to keep your clothes smelling fresh or around the house for an instant deodorizing scent.30. Toy Storage: Organize small toys like, Hot Wheels, Legos, Polly Pockets, Magnetic Alphabet letters and any other small items to rid your floor of clutter and to avoid painful accidents.31. Game Room: Never lose dice, cards, playing pieces, or small toys again.32. Craft Supply Storage: After opening a bag of craft supplies, pour directly into a zip locking bag for future use. Label each bag and combine them all in one large ClearZip® or a plastic bin, if available.33. Finger Painting: Squirt paint into reclosable ClearZip® bag. Then, use painters tape to hold them down to a table over a piece of white paper. This mess-free painting technique lets kids draw, squish, trace letters, etc., without getting paint on themselves, the floor, ceiling or your furniture.34. Puzzle Organizer: Once a puzzle’s box is no longer usable, cut the picture off the box and add to a ClearZip® bag along with all the puzzle pieces.35. Reusable Coloring Page: Slide a bunch of print outs or torn pages from a coloring book into a gallon size zip locking bag. Use dry erase markers for repeat use. This also works well for learning how to trace letters.36. Crayon Storage: When school supplies are on sale (usually in August), buy multiple packs of crayons and put each pack in a separate bag. When the crayons in one pack are used, broken or unwrapped, pull out a new bag. You can even take the broken crayon pieces and stick all of them in an empty bag and then create your own crayons or crayon candles once you have enough.37. Pack Seasonal: Store extra holiday greeting cards, valentines, and holiday decorations in ClearZip® bags.38. Parts Cabinet: Organize nuts, bolts, drill bits, nails, washers, and screws in the workshop.39. Coupon File: Keep coupons in zip lock bags for easy reference.

Ziplock bags can protect some of your more expensive devices for little cost.


40. Electronics: Put all cords, manuals, discs, etc., of electronic devices into zip lock bag and store them all in one box. Be sure to date and write the information like model and make of the device on the outside of the bag. A white-block ClearZip® bag would work best.41. Water Resistant Electronics: Store your phone, camera, or tablet in a ClearZip® while at the beach, by the pool, or on a boat.42. Cell Phone Case: If you are going to be in the rain, store your phone in a plastic bag to keep it from getting damaged.43. Emergency Grab Bag: Before an emergency happens, put together a bag of essentials, like toothpaste, soap, aspirin, granola bars, and so on.44. Wilderness Barrier: Needing to make a call with a cell phone could be a necessity and a life-saver. Power your cell phone down and keep it dry in a zip lock bag as you travel, and simply power it up if need be.45. Tablet Shield: Prevent spills that will ruin your tablet while using it in the kitchen. The touch screen will still work through the bag.

Creative Uses With Zip Lock Bag For A Baby


46. DIY Baby Wipes: Fill a ClearZip® with cotton balls and add water. As an alternative, a person could fill a zip lock bag with baby washcloths and water, keeping an additional bag for laundry.

47. Diaper Genie: There is nothing more unwelcoming than walking into your house and having it smell like poop. Put the bio hazardous, radioactive diaper into a zip locking bag, and then begin breathing again.48. Baby Bag Organizer: Using ClearZip® bags really helps to stay organized while traveling with a baby. Baby belongings are small and having them organized in a zip lock bag helps locate items easier.49. Diaper Bag Barrier: Make sure to have quart-sized zip lock bags inside the diaper bag in case of blow out emergencies.50. Changing Table: In a pinch, a two gallon ClearZip® bag can be a used as an easy-to-tote changing mat.

Using ziplock in unconventional ways with food


51. Storing Ice Cubes: A space saving and economical way to store ice in the freezer for parties. Sure beats having to lug a 20 lb ice bag in from the convenience store.

52. Ice Pack: Throw a damp sponge in a zip lock bag and store in the freezer.53. Pancakes: Freeze pancake batter in a bag and cut off a tip for easy no fuss dispensing and easy clean up.54. Portion Control: Section out ground beef before throwing it in the freezer to make it easier to use.55. Refreshing Cocktail: Use a zip locking bag to create your own “grown-up Capri Sun ®”.56. Soup Storage: A ClearZip® bag is perfect for freezing liquids. When liquids freeze, less room is used in the freezer and helps keep the freezer organized.57. Salad Crisper: Use a ClearZip® with a paper towel inside to keep chopped lettuce fresh longer. The paper towel will pull moisture away from the lettuce.58. No-Mess Cupcakes: Hate filling cupcake liners? It is a drippy, messy job. Use a ClearZip® to quickly dispense batter and enjoy an easy clean up.59. Snacks: Keep a pack of snack-size ClearZip® bags along with a snack of choice in the car. You will be able to make on-the-go individual snack bags.60. Cooking Oil Disposal: Used cooking oil should not be disposed in your kitchen sink. Wait for it to cool, pour it into a zip top bag. Seal, then throw it away.61. Colorful Christmas Cookie Dough: Put the cookie dough into a plastic bag then add a few drops of food coloring. Seal the bag and mix the dough until the food coloring is absorbed.62. Marinate Meats: Combine your ingredients and meat of choice in a ClearZip® bag and toss it into the refrigerator overnight.63. Pastry Bag: Make a piping bag by snipping off the corner of a ClearZip® and fill with pastry mixture.64. “Dessert” Maker: Throw some of your favorite yogurt in a reclosable ClearZip® bag. Clip the corner, then pipe out some dots onto a cookie sheet and freeze.65. Dough Kneader: Take the ClearZip® and wear it like a glove while kneading the dough, it will help to prevent your hands from getting sticky, while making clean up a snap.66. Tupperware Without The Burp: Store coffee beans, rice, etc., in ClearZip® bags. This helps keep perishables fresh longer and prevent accidental spillage.67. Herbs All Year Round: Before winter frost sets in and kills all those herbs you wish would not go to waste, wash, pat dry, and freeze them in zip locking ClearZip® bags.68. DIY TV Dinners: Keep leftovers for single servings in ClearZip® bags for quick meals.69. Snack Emergency: Storing a bunch of food bars in a zip locking bag near the front door can be really helpful if you have to dash out and are unsure how long you might be gone.

Other Tips For Additonal Uses Ziplock bags


70. Funnel: Cut a hole in the corner of a ClearZip® bag and use the bag to funnel anything you wish. Tuck it into your narrow-mouthed container and pour into the large open end. Fill up the bag with whatever you need whether it be water, rice, cereal, stones, etc.

71. Tackle Box: Store hooks safely by placing them in a ClearZip® bag until you get to your favorite fishing spot, or when traveling back home with your “the one that got away” story.72. Storing Purse Cosmetics: Line your makeup bag with a ClearZip® so your powders and eye shadows do not make a mess while in your purse.73. Kits For The Homeless: Create kits with toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, lotion, a wash cloth, and other essentials. Drop them off at a homeless shelter so the workers can distribute them.74. Cushioning: Shipping items that are not super-fragile, but are not as big as the shipping box? Keep it from bouncing around on the way to its destination. Place a drinking straw into the bag, zip it up, then inflate. When the bag is as big as you want, quickly slide out the straw and seal the bag completely.75. Time Bombs: Use a 5 x 5 paper towel, 1 ½ tsp. baking soda, ½ cup vinegar and ¼ cup warm water. Pour the water and vinegar in the ClearZip® bag. Place the paper towel wrapped baking soda in the bag and quickly seal it. Now step back and wait for the bag to “POP”.76. Gift Bag: Perfect for Christmas. Make a big bunch of a yummy seasonal snack. Fill a ClearZip® bag with the snacks and then staple a heartfelt note to the top of the bag.77. Map Protector: Put a map inside of a lock top bag while hiking to keep it dry. Fold the map so that you can see the current terrain through the ClearZip® bag.78. Impromptu Cup: Scooping and holding water.79. Making A Chunk Of Ice: Fill the zip about ¾ full of cool water, and seal. This will allow for the water to expand. Place in the freezer. Filling the bag with hot water can cause the bag’s seal to fail and also it causes the ice to crack and shatter more easily when removed from the freezer.80. DIY Toiletry Pack: Store a roll of toilet paper in a zip locking for your emergency kit.81. Pocket: Keeping cash, wallets, and key fobs dry on a rafting adventure.82. Medicine Cabinet: Keep prescriptions and vitamins dry and organized when traveling.83. Element Barrier: Store tax forms, important records, canceled checks, receipts, warranties, and instructions in a ClearZip® bag.84. Camping Locker: Carry utensils, food, clothes, maps, medications, and first aid supplies in ClearZip® bags.85. Sink: Keeping a wet sponge or cloth, handy for sticky fingers.86. Eatery Distraction: Keep a few crayons in a ClearZip® bag for eating out so kids always have something to do in restaurants.Have another creative use for zip lock bags? Help us add to our list by submitting your ideas below to add to the Ultimate zip lock Guide Use List!Sources:http://www.interplas.com/ziplock-bagswww.slideshare.net/Interplas-PlasticBags/uniquely-primal-zipper-locking-bag-uses