6 Ways to use a zip locking bag when you travel

Whether traveling alone or

with your family a few Zipper locking bags can save the day.

1. Keeping toiletries from spoiling the trip. The last thing anyone ever wants is to have a bottle of shampoo or cologne leak all over the inside of their luggage. Just in case there is an accidental break or maybe you forgot to tighten the lid on just right, a zipper locking bag would more than pay for itself by saving that dress shirt or pencil skirt.2. Motion sickness is bad enough not having something to catch it in is worse. Traveling with one of your children is a great experience but if they are prone to motion sickness the last thing anyone wants to be doing is cleaning up the back seat. Having a zip locking bag or two on hand is always a wise choice.3. Moist towelettes, the 2nd wash cloth. Packing a few moist towelettes into a zip top bag can help make quick work of that chocolate bar that attached your child's face when you weren't looking. Not only is keeping the towelettes in the bag perfect for keeping them moist but it is a huge space savings. Who wants to be carrying around one of those big round dispenser containers?4. Snacks. The most important meal of the day... if you ask an 8 year old. Trail mix never tasted so good when it has a big bunch of M&Ms in it. Don't forget the raisins and peanuts. Sure you can buy trail mix but it is so much cheaper when you make it in bulk plus you can put exactly what you want in it instead of having to pick that dried piece of unidentifiable fruit or nut out. If you wanted to go all out you could even get the clearzip bags with the white block and write the persons name on each bag so that there isn't fighting over whose is whose or even helping to keep peanuts separate from the child with peanut allergies.5. Wet bathing suits on the last day of your trip. Your kids just had to take one last dip in the pool before heading home. Now what? Easy answer. Bring out a zip locking bag and toss the swimsuits in, and you are on your way. The dry clothes are still dry. The kids are exhausted and asleep in the back. Now, when do mom and dad get their vacation?6. Keep your jewelry. Don't want to donate that nice earring or delicate bracelet to the house cleaning crew after you have left? Use a zip top bag. Place all of your jewelry in a single bag or you could even get more organized and use a smaller zipper bag for the smallest of jewelry and place it inside of a larger one with the rest of your valuables.Traveling can sometimes be one of those necessary evils that you have no choice in. You might travel for business or find yourself crisscrossing an ocean unexpectedly. It can be a stressful time and the last thing you want to have to deal with is something that could have easily been prevented if only you had a few zip locking bags on hand. International Plastics sells the bags at wholesale pricing. The quality is superior and the customer service is bar none. Buying a thousand bags may seem like a crazy thing to do but keep in mind that these bags never go "bad" and you can always find someway to use them.Ziploc bags are a true hero when you are travelingLeave a comment below to let us know how any of our suggestions worked out for you. We would LOVE to hear any other suggestions that you have tried that we didn't consider.