5 Tips to Reduce Food and Packaging Waste on Game Day

This year saw the NFL implement the “All Clear” stadium policy that requires fans to use a 1-gallon zip locking bag to bring their belongings into the stadium. Many people have applauded the NFL for such a progressive policy to ensure the safety and well being of fans during games. This was even pointed out in a news story by NBC nightly News on Thursday January 30th where they highlighted the Super Bowl security measures that have been put in place http://www.nbcnews.com/video/nightly-news/54228238/.On the other hand there have been some critics of this year’s NFL All Clear stadium policy. One of the criticisms of the stadium policy is the use of plastic packaging and plastic bags and the possible effect to the environment. Just in time for the big game, Plastics Make it Possible has published a press release highlighting 5 tips that can help football fans to reduce food and packaging waste on Super bowl Sunday.

5 Tips to Reduce Food and Packaging Waste on Game Day and Beyond

Light weight plastic bags can help extend the life of produce. Use light weight (gauge) plastic wrap and plastic bags to preserve food longer.
Plastic reclosable food containers are a great way to save on grocery bills. Make use of reclosable food packaging for your game day needs to save the rest for later.
Don't just through plastic containers into the garbage. Set a specific receptacle aside specifically for items that can and should be recycled. When discarding plastic packaging and bags do not simply throw it away into the garbage. Use trash cans specifically for recycling or visit your local recycling center.
Help preserve our earthly resources by recycling as many of the items that can be recycled. Use products made from recycled plastics.
Don't let all that wonderful food from the super Bowl go to waste. Put it in some air tight food containers and see just how much money it can save you on your grocery bill. Make the most of your uneaten food by refrigerating leftovers in air tight plastic containers.