10 ways to make your business Green on St. Patrick's Day

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Green Your Business!

St. Patrick's day is a great day to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland. It is also a day to stop and think about your business and how you might become more green and less dependent on consumed energy and make some of your own electricity both by unconditional means and in your bottom line.1. Become energy efficient - The Center for Market Innovation is working with Johnson Controls Inc., Jones Lang LaSalle, and Goldman Sachs on a project to grow demand for green buildouts in commercial tenant spaces.2. Small things can make a big impact - From changing a light bulb and using recyclable products to installing energy efficient equipment and systems, every business can make simple changes that save energy costs and natural resources.3. Freecycle - One person’s junk is definitely another’s treasure. If you have a large company, you could even organize an office-wide barter party, where everyone brings items they don’t use any more to swap for things they might need from others.4. Save Energy, Save Money - Investing in energy-efficient appliances and products will also slash expenses. However, remember that the easiest and biggest savings come from a behavior change in a building’s occupants like turning off the lights when not in use. Using solar energy can also be a long-term solution.5. Recycling toner cartridges - There are many office supply stores and business that help you recycle toner cartridges. Some even give you credits towards future purchases. www.tonerrecycle.net6. Packaging - Streamlining packaging should focus on three areas: (a) using as little packaging material as needed; (b) using recycled material wherever it is environmentally and economically sound; and (c) making packaging as recyclable as possible.7. Green Trash Bags - Bags used for trash collection can turn into compost along with the rest of the organic trash.8. Open up an Earth Friendly Business - Why not open a franchise that is "Green" or Eco-friendly to begin with? http://www.franchisedirect.com/greenfranchises/9. Learn Environmental Sustainability and Green Supply Chain Management - As more companies come to realize the importance – and financial benefits – of environmental sustainability and green supply chain practices, demand for companies that understand this process continues to grow.10. Know your recycling - Understanding the different recycling codes not only cuts down unproductive man hours on sorting misplaced items in the wrong bin but it just might help a business avoid costly fines.

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