10 Odd Moving Tips That Really Work

Which activity is often considered as one of life’s top stress, yet is carried out an average of 11.7 times during a person’s lifetime? Hopefully, your answer was not “exercising!” but instead the correct answer is moving. Moving is that monumental task of relocating all of one’s worldly possessions from one place to another. And veteran movers will attest to the fact that it is not as easy as just throwing your belongings into a few boxes and then simply unpacking them in your new home. Although you do not need a small army nor an industrial hoist system, It does take time, thought and preparation to make sure you do not wind up in the common situation of having an overwhelming numbers of boxes, many with broken items, and not one clue which box contains those important papers you’re looking for.To make the transition to your new home go smoothly, make sure to start your move with a “master plan” and a "Moving Checklist". Along with the typical moving supplies like cardboard boxes, newspaper, bubble wrap, and tape, here are a few unorthodox moving tips, as suggested by an article from the Huffington Post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/realtorcom/odd-moving-tips-that-real_b_4428986.html. Tell us what you think about these tips, or suggest one of your own in the comment section below.Take Photos 1. Take PicturesBefore you start packing, take photos of all your “stuff” – like where it’s stored, or how it’s organized. Then use those photos as an unpacking guide at your new place; they’ll come in useful, especially when you’re trying to rearrange your collection of Science Fiction novels on the bookshelf. Photos also offer proof for insurance, should something break while in transit.color-coded2. Color CoordinateLabeling each and every box makes for a lengthy and confusing master list. Unpack your home in an instant, by using various colors of duct tape or color dots. Simply designate a different “Room Color” on your Master list, and then as you finish packing each box, slap on a strip of duct tape or color dot in that room’s color. (Bonus: Since it will be quick and easy to determine which boxes go to what room, speeding up the moving company’s unloading process will save you time and money!)TV3. The TV Comes LastOnce the moving trucks have gone, you are going to be left with an urge to wind down – and stacks of boxes that aren't going to unpack themselves. Before you hook up the TV and kick back in your favorite chair “just to see how it looks”, go ahead and finish unpacking the rest of the boxes. Otherwise, those boxes will never go away. You won’t get that gratifying feeling of kicking back in your comfy chair when everything’s done, and reveling in your “smooth move”.Garage4. Keep a Vacant GarageOn the same vein as with the TV, resist the appeal of piling boxes into the garage (or attic, or spare room, or back closet) with a promise to get to it later. You risk forgetting where you put those important papers, or worse yet, you end up parking the car outside - all winter. So while you’re packing up those boxes, try to use this rule: If something hasn’t been needed or used for a year, consider donating or throwing it out or before bringing it with to clutter up your new house.fish5. Don't Flush the FishAlthough some people just flush their goldfish or other fish - and the tanks they live in - are worth some serious money and effort. Make sure to transport your fish using a separate container. And don’t forget to save some of that old tank water to use when setting up their new home in your new home. Tanks develop their own ecosystems, and the old tank water will retain the original bacteria colony, leading to happier and healthier fish.glasses6. Socks, Glassware and MoreSo here’s where those socks come into play: when packing up your dishes, just slip that wine glass (or any other glassware item) into a sock and you’ll provide that extra padding needed to protect those delicate wine glass stems or even that expensive bud vase. So, use your imagination; the bigger the socks, the bigger the vase! Plus, they help save on both storage space (no socks to pack!) and the cost of moving supplies (no extra bubble wrap to buy!).plates7. Instant Plate ProtectionInstead of purchasing those pre-packaged dish packs cardboard boxes, or wrapping each dinner plate in bubble wrap, save yourself time and money by using Styrofoam plates! Just stack the disposable plates in between the real plates and you’ve got instant - and cheap! - padding.chair8. That’s A WrapJust like the socks, you can free up more box space and use less packing material by simply using your sheets. You may not want to use that extra-fancy imported silk set, but those old, cheap or slightly worn sheets can be wrapped around any mattress, large piece of furniture, or even pieces of artwork. So, instead of staining your mattress or tearing the upholstery, the sheets take the damage and your favorite chair is safe!luggage9. Wheel ‘Em InFor heavy things like books or magazines, pack them inside your wheeled luggage (if it's a smaller suitcase) or even one of those wheeled backpacks your kids take to school. It’ll help make transporting those heavy items just a little bit easier.clothes10. Bag ‘Em UpSome moving companies won't move anything that you’ve not packed into a box. But if such limitations don't apply to you, go ahead and break out the garbage bags… and the stopwatch! For an easy and quick way to pack up a closet full of clothing, just pull a garbage bag up around a bunch of the hanging clothes, and simply tie the open end to the hangers. Ready to go in a flash!