Freezer bags - 1 lazy thing you can do to stay cool this summer

DIY "Gel" Packs using Freezer Bags for your body's pulse points.

Sure you can cool yourself off quite quickly by splashing a cold cup of water onto your neck and wrists. However the exact same effect, that works better, can be achieved with home made gel ice packs. This cheap, Do it Yourself trick, is a brilliant must have for the hot humid summer months using not much more than some handy freezer bags.

  • One cup of rubbing alcohol (This can be a cheaper rubbing alcohol. i.e.: Something with less alcohol percentage wise)
  • Two cups of tap water (Can be room temperature)
  • Freezer bags (International Plastics is an excellent resource for many different types of Zipper Locking Bags)
  • Food coloring (This is an option that can help you know what is in the bag and not just think the freezer bag is just holding water )

Make your own cooling Gel Pak using freezer bagsPut the water and rubbing alcohol together. Pour the liquid into Minigrip freezer bags. Close the bag and squeeze out as much air as possible. Place the bags in the freezer and use them constantly to keep the gel consistency. Alcohol prevents the water from freezing solid. Grab your own version of JellyBeadz bandanas whenever you feel the heat and place them to your body's pulse points and feel your temperature instantly dropping!

  • Cartoid (Back of Neck)
  • Radial (Inner Wrists)
  • Axillary (Arm Pit Area)
  • Brachial (Inner Elbows)
  • Popliteal (Back of Knees)
  • Dorsalis Pedis (Inside Ankles)
  • Posterior Tibial (Outside Ankles)
  • Femoral (Groin)