International Plastics partners with Zillow to launch moving Box Calculator

Admin note: as of 12/01/2016 Zillow has "mothballed" the moving box estimator. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

What better partnership to join together than a leading packaging website and the leading real estate site?

Zillow is the gold standard when it comes to finding out information about real estate. International Plastics is the standard when it comes to packaging and packing. Moving is a daunting task even if you hire a moving company, let alone if you are trying to move and save every penny you can. One question most everyone asks themselves is, "How many boxes am I going to need?" International Plastics has provided a moving box calculator to help you figure out just that. Whether you are alone in your move across town, maybe into a dorm or you look like the clowns at Barnum and Bailey getting out of your car, this very helpful moving box calculator will help you figure out just how many boxes and what kind of boxes you will need.The calculator may not help pack the boxes, but it certainly will help you figure out what kind of boxes you might need. International Plastics' moving section will also help you find packaging tape, peanuts, unprinted newspaper, Styrofoam peanuts, markers and so much more.

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