Know who you're doing business with in the internet age. Helping our customers.

You are more than a number to International Plastics.

We take great pride in helping our customers get the best flexible packaging products at the lowest prices.

International Plastics started off with one man's vision and has become a successful brick and mortar business for over 50 years. We have prided ourselves on helping our customers and treating each and every customer by the golden rule.

"Treat others as you would have them treat you."

Are you able to say that about your packaging supplier? Are you merely a number to them? Do they even recognize your name? Are they a billion dollar company with no personnel service? When you call in, do you ever talk to the same person or even a person at all? Do you get to enjoy their "on hold" music most of the time?

We've GOT you covered:Call into International Plastics and you will get personal service from a real live associate every time. Someone who is knowledgeable and educated in your needs.  You might even be surprised that we call you by your name! One more way we are helping our customers feel like more than a number.Is the packaging company you are partnering with a true brick and mortar establishment? Or merely a virtual online store drop shipping from some other vendor?We've GOT you covered:International Plastics may have changed physical locations in the past 5 decades but we have always had an actual street address and have NEVER changed ownership.  With over 6,000 packaging products in stock for same day shipping there is a great chance we have what you need, and fast!If you are partnering with an internet business - how do you know that they will be there in 6 months?  When you need to reorder or have an issue with the product you bought from them, can you be assured that you will get the customer service needed to solve your problems?  What type of guarantees do they offer? Will they match any low price? Is "helping our Customers" their thought or are they thinking "How much can I squeeze out of this customer?"We've GOT you covered:International Plastics has a low price guarantee and we stand behind it.  Along with a 100% satsifaction guarantee, if you are not happy we are not happy.  Our company mission is to help your business succeed!  Our team will treat you with respect and you can rest assured, we are here for you.... Because you deserve it!Anonymous is not how your packaging supplier should know you as. Helping our customers is job #1.