Freezer Bags are worth more than their weight in gold

The NRDC or National Resources Defense Council reports that most families in the united states throw away about $2,300 worth of food every year.The reason, which was surprising to even us, was not labeling the heavy duty freezer bags when placed in the freezer. You know the ones with the white block printed on the bag, which is meant just for that, labeling. Sure, those of us that put food in the freezer have great intentions to eat the food at a later date, but if we don't write on the freezer bag, how do we know if the food might have gone past it's usefulness date? A good rule of thumb is to use the food within six to twelve months. One really helpful tip is to make a list and post it on the door to help you remember what's in there and when it needs to be used by. A full freezer can also help to make the freezer / fridge run more efficiently as well.Heavy Duty Freezer Bags for Saving FoodP.S.: Keeping your freezer and or fridge well maintained, along with keeping it full can help cut your energy bill by as much as 30%.Source: