40 Ways Plastic Grocery Bags Are Not Single Use Bags

Over the past few years there has been an increase in discussion about the possible effects of plastic bags on our environment. In some cases, discussions have evolved to state and municipal governments placing bans on retailers use of what is known as single use plastic bags (plastic grocery and shopping bags). Although there might be times this style of plastic bags are “single use” there are many instances where plastic t-shirt bags are reusable. Below we have created the ultimate guide for reusing old t-shirt bags.

Reuse Plastic Shopping Bags Around The HouseAround the house

1. Fill in GapsStuff plastic bags into cavities around pipes, ducts or other wall or floor penetrations to provide a substrate before filling voids with spray foam or caulk.2. Apply Waxes and CreamsUse a bag as a mitt to spread furniture wax or polish. Then buff to a shiny finish using a soft, dry cloth.3. Seal a Paint CanOnce you are done painting, slip a plastic bag over the paint can lid before replacing. This keeps dirt or flakes of dried paint out of the paint when reopening.4. Make Glue Stick Where You Want itBefore clamping up a woodworking project that has just been glued, slip a plastic bag between the piece you have worked on and the clamp blocks. Once the glue has dried, the blocks will slip off your piece easily.5. Save Time After a StormExpecting snow or sleet? Tie plastic bags around your car's side-view mirrors and easily remove the ice covered bags in the morning.6. Corral HardwareLine tool-belt pockets with a bag trimmed to size. No more stabbing yourself as you reach for nails deep in the seams.7. Bathroom Trash BagsPlace plastic grocery bags in bathroom trash cans for use as a bag liner. Place extras in the bottom of the can for future use.8. Plunger StorageStore your plunger in a plastic grocery bag.9. Cast ProtectorIf you have a broken arm or leg, you can use plastic bags to help keep the cast dry while taking a bath or shower.10. Contain LeaksGot a leaky bottle or jar? Use a section of plastic bag as a seal prior to screwing a cap onto the container.11. Packing MaterialPlastic grocery bags can be used as packing material for fragile items.12. Protect Paint BrushesPainting a large room and need to take a break? Wrap your paint brushes and rollers in plastic bags to keep them from drying out so fast.13. Disposable Glove AlternativePlastic bags can be used as cheap disposable gloves for handling unpleasant things.14. Clothes StorageYou can also use plastic t shirt bags to store dirty or wet clothes until you get home to wash them.15. Dirty Shoe StorageKeep a few plastic bags in the car and near your front door for storing those muddy shoes.16. Seasonal Decoration StoragePlastic bags can be used to store Christmas wreaths and decorations.17. Parachute for ToysHave a son or nephew who owns a G.I. Joe? Plastic grocery bags make great parachutes for kids’ toys.18. Plastic RopeLoop multiple plastic bags together to make a plastic rope.19. Shoe HornPlastic grocery bags can also be used as a makeshift shoe horn.20. Mattress/Pillow StuffingBall up plastic t shirt bags and use them in a mattress and/or pillow as stuffing.

Reuse Plastic Bags In The GardenIn the garden

21. Transport Unpotted PlantsDivide overgrown perennials and place extras in bags to contain the soil and keep in moisture while transporting.22. Keep Clothes CleanWhen you are working the garden, try wrapping some plastic bags around your knees to not only keep them dry and clean, but also provide a little extra cushiony comfort.23. Yard ClippingsWhile you are busy tending to the yard, use plastic shopping bags to collect those smaller yard clippings.24. Protect Plants from FrostWhen the forecast calls for frost, you can protect delicate plants by placing a plastic bag over them the night before.

Reuse Plastic T Shirt Bags for TravelOn the go

25. Keep Clothes SeparateUse them in your luggage to keep your wet clothes separate from your dry clothes, and your clean clothes from dirty ones.26. Separate Shoes in LuggageWhen traveling with a suitcase, plastic bags can also be used to protect your shoes from scuffs or keep stinky shoes from affecting your other clothes.27. Lunch SackHaving extra plastic bags make for great lunch sacks.28. Rain CoverPlastic bags are often used as emergency rain gear.29. Toiletries BarrierWhen traveling, store perfumes and other toiletries in a plastic bag to prevent leaks from making a mess.

Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags in the KitchenIn the kitchen

30. Dredging BagPlastic bags can be used to coat chicken or beef with flour prior to cooking.31. Bread BagWhile you are in the kitchen, keep in mind that you can wrap your homemade bread in a plastic grocery bag. This will help keep the bread fresh while still allowing it to breathe.32. By the way, if you find yourself out of bread crumbs, you can also use them to crush crackers without making a mess.33. Non-stick SurfaceUse plastic grocery bags as a non-stick surface for rolling out dough.34. Protect FruitIn late fall, tie plastic bags over nearly ripe fruit on a tree to keep out bugs and guard against frost damage.35. Prevent Messy LeaksTo prevent messy leaks when defrosting meat, place the meat in a plastic bag, along with a paper towel.36. Grease Baking PansKeep your hands clean while greasing baking pans by placing a plastic grocery bag over your hand before coating the pan.

Reuse Plastic T-Shirt For PetsFor the pets

37. Keep Your Dog or Cat ComfyStuff an old pillowcase tightly with plastic bags, sew the open end closed, and let your pet lounge on it during nap time.38. Litter Box LinerLine your cat’s litter box with them. Use additional plastic bags while scooping the litter.39. Poop BagsPlastic bags are perfect for picking up dog and cat poop.

Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags for the BabyFor the baby

40. Dirty DiapersPlastic bags are also great for holding dirty diapers.41. Diaper Bag StorageKeep extra plastic grocery bags in the diaper bag in case of emergencies.42. Protect from SpillsStore baby food and other liquids in a plastic grocery bag to help prevent spills.Source: http://visual.ly/42-ways-reuse-plastic-bags-homeAs technology continues to create plastic materials that are more eco-friendly and biodegradable, we should remain conscious of our plastic bag use. As we wait for these advances we all can take an active role in minimizing any adverse effects plastic bags have on the environment by reusing (using the above) and recycling plastic shopping bags. To find the closest plastic bag recycling center near you use earth911’s recycling locator below.