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5 Unconventional Lint Removal Techniques

Lint balls and fuzz have an annoying knack for making our clothes look more worn than they really are. Needing to de-fuzz you sweater, but find yourself stuck without a fabric comb or a lint roller?

Rejoice, here are a few “outside of the box” effective ways to save your appearance:

1. Packing tape 

Wrap packaging tape or scotch tape, sticky side out, a couple times around your hand with your fingers extended. Hold onto the tape with your thumb to keep it in place. Apply the tape, press down and lift quickly. Stubborn lint balls may require you to press down and drag the tape, while holding it with your thumb, in the direction of the weave of the fabric. Repeat as needed until the lint is gone.

2. Nail clippers

Nail clippers can be used, carefully, to cut the lint balls off of fabric (take precautions not to knick or cut your shirt, skirt or sweater).

3. Velcro 

Using only the “hooked”, rough side – not the soft, fuzzy side. Rub the velcro against the fabric whereever you see lint balls. When the velcro picks up the lint, pull it off, so that you have a fresh surface to use.

4. Razor

Pull the razor in one single motion along the piece of clothing. This method works great  for the more stubborn lint balls that tend to “cling” to a garment.

5. Scouring sponge

The sponge’s abrasive side is a great way to pick up lint balls. Dampen the sponge, squeeze out any excess water, and rub the abrasive side, in a single direction, against the fabric.

Packaging items will help you remove lint

Use Packing Tape to Remove Lint from your clothes


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