Packaging Tape Portraits

Packing Tape Art

Packing tape is skillfully placed to create amazing art collages. Using variations in tape opacity and positioning to create realistic shadows and depth. Look closely and see that the artist, Olivier Poujol Molliens, is using the same material we put to work sealing corrugated boxes.

This packaging tape portrait really STICKS in your mind.

The Big Bad Wolf might have second thoughts about messing with this portrait of “Red”.

Mr. Molliens was born in France but now resides in Morocco. This provides him both with the inspiration for his portraits and his medium. Oliver was taken aback by the cardboard boxes and packaging tape piled everywhere. Being keenly observant he soon discovered that Moroccans reuse almost everything. He transformed, what is normally waste into art. Tones, colors, shapes and emotions are achieved from simple material like the packaging tape, which never ceases to surprise him.

A beautiful packaging portrait of a youngster.

This young Moroccan child is comforted by his handler. Not sure if his look communicates wonderment or concern

Truly amazing what a person is capable of to be able to create such detailed, stunning portraits, using only packing tape?

Amazing brilliant blue packing tape portrait

Amazing brilliant hues and stunning beauty leap from the packing tape portrait of this Moroccan lady.


Green packaging tape portrait of Arrow

Powerful use of packaging tape in not only how it is used but the portrait itself.

Packaging tape art of Henna girl

Gorgeous henna girl made entirely from packing tape

Henna girl packaging tape art

An amazing use of packing tape and a black canvas that reveals a pretty girl with a henna tattoo.

Packing Tape man in a turbin

This casual pose of a Moroccan man in a turban is done completely with packaging tape.

Moroccan lady packing tape

A pensive Moroccan woman communicated using nothing more than packing tape

Batman packing tape art

I am TapeMan

Marylin Monroe Packaging Tape Portrait

Diamonds are a girls best friend. So is packaging tape when it is used to create a stunning portrait of Marilyn Monroe,

Charlie Chaplin Packaging Tape

The “Tramp” never looked better than he does here made from packing tape.

king packaging tape

Having your portrait made for packaging tape is a little like having your very own action figure doll.

Garden of Eden Packaging Tape

God never said anything about the forbidden packing tape. It was that whole fruit thing that messed everything up.

Blue turbin packing tape

The blue turbin does NOT clash with the packing tape used in this amazing portrait.

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