Poly Bag Thickness

Are you getting what you pay for in your flexible packaging?

The uncertainty in the flexible packaging market and the tough market conditions makes it so that you have to watch how every single dollar is spent. Get what you pay for in flexible packaging.

You have to make sure your getting what you pay for. Right? Pretty straight forward and obvious! Or is it? Not necessarily, if you buy plastic bags and film!
Unfortunately, the plastic bag and poly film industry is witnessing a growing trend of suppliers that want you to believe that they can offer you better pricing than everyone else on the EXACT SAME product. But is it the same product? Are you really comparing apples to apples OR are you comparing apples to bananas? And are they really giving you better pricing?

Flexible packaging getting what you pay for.

Cutting the thickness of the bag or film is one of the most common ways a supplier can lead people to believe they are getting a “better deal.” Or even more blatant, cutting the case count on the bags you are buying or shortening the length of the film you think you bought.

These are deceptive practices and they are wrong! So beware and check what your buying. Double check the thickness of that plastic bag or the length of that roll. Are you really saving money or are you just being taken advantage of?

International Plastics is ISO certified and has been in the plastics business since 1964. We know plastic bags and film!

International Plastics Low Price Guarantee will meet or beat any competitor’s price!

We continually compare prices throughout the packaging industry, and we are confident that our poly bag prices are the best you will find. However, if by chance you find a lower price on a comparable product, please let us know. We will meet or beat any competitor’s price, guaranteed!*

flexible packaging getting what you pay for

We scour the web to make sure we are not only competitively priced by the lowest priced. We will meet or beat any competitors price*


*Just e-mail, mail, or fax us a copy of the competitor’s page showing the item and price. Prices must appear in a national competitor’s current published catalog, sales flyer, or website and must be accurate, not a printing error. Any prices from a web site must be from a legitimate “brick and mortar” company and not just a virtual store front. Item must be similar in size, thickness, quality, and quantities must be equal. Guarantee excludes discontinued and closeout items. International Plastics reserves the right to limit quantities.

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