Jack-o-lantern trash bag

D.I.Y. Great Big Pumpkin Lawn Jack-0-Lantern using an Orange Trash Bag

Orange Trash Bag… Nah. Lawn Jack-O-Lantern… YEA!

A simple step by step how to on making your own lawn Jack-o-lanterns. Instead of spending a fortune on leaf bags at a big box store why not pick up a case of 56 Gallon orange trash bags. Especially if you are having a big gathering and want a cheap way to decorate your property for the spooky get together.

What you’ll need

56 Gallon Orange Trash Bag

Step 1. Take a single orange trash bag. The kind that convicts use on the side of the road for picking up garbage. You’ll want something that is a little thicker so that it can stand being in the elements for an extended period of time

Brick in Orange Trash Bag to hlep weigh the Jack-O-Lantern down

Step 2. Place something heavy in the bottom of the bag if you are using something other than lawn clippings. You don’t want your wonderful work of art blowing into someone else’s yard and scarring them.

Packaging peanuits inside of a Lawn Pumpkin

Step 3. This step is your own personal choice for my Lawn Jack-O-Lantern I choose Packing peanuts because I had a bunch on hand. You can use newspaper or paper or leaves and yard clippings.

Zip Tie holding the trash bag shut

Step 4. Here you can uses anything to close the bag. I chose a cable zip tie because I like to make sure a bag is securely closed. You can use sisal twine which will add to the Halloween flavor. It is all up to you.

Diagraph Jumbo Permanent Insta Marker applying the Jack-O-Lantern face

Step 5a. This is the really fun step. The cheapest and most durable way to get a great customized face is by using a Diagraph Jumbo Insta-marker. Sometimes it is better to sketch the face first on a piece of paper if you are not artistically inclined. You can have as much fun as you can handle. I found it better to draw the outlines first and then fill them in. Make any kind of face or announcement or whatever your ghoulish little heart desires. Remember to make the details big enough on the bag or else they will not be easy to see from any kind of distance.

3M Black Vinyl tape

Step 5b. You can go all out if you choose to. 3M Black 471 Vinyl tape is an option but it is a little more expensive. It is super opaque so if you like to have the face on the Jack-O-Lantern stand out more than any other way, you might want to consider it.

Orange Trash Bag in Garbage Can

56 Gallon Heavy Duty Orange Trash Bags


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