Solar panels on top of international Plastics corporate headquarters

[siteorigin_widget class=”WP_Widget_Media_Image”][/siteorigin_widget] The “Green” of International Plastics International Plastics took it upon on ourselves to have solar panels installed on the roof of our corporate headquarters. The hope was that doing so would have an effect on our neighboring manufacturers to do the same. Thereby decreasing carbon emissions while having a “greener” footprint for our
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Stretched Poly Film

Greenhouse Building Materials: Should I Choose Glass, Polycarbonate, or Poly Film?

Planning to build your own greenhouse or to purchase a greenhouse kit and use Poly Film? You will need to decide what transparent material will be best suited for the walls and roof or your greenhouse. Consider various types of glass, polycarbonate, greenhouse plastic poly film on rolls, or other materials. Each choice will have
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Banning bags is not the answer

Why bag bans are wrong!

It doesn’t take much thought to understand the negative sides to bag bans. Bag bans are much more damaging than just a misled city council pushing a personal agenda. These councils mislead their citizens, so the board members feel warm and fuzzy. Bag bans set a terrible example of how misguided politicians can disrupt and
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Bag Ban Protestors


Bag bans cost millions. Bag bans endanger citizens. Bag Bans do not help the environment. Bag bans make no sense. Bag Bans have become the latest Eco-Fad. Bag Bans are the bragging rights of many misguided city council members and state politicians. Bag bans are based on hyped-up emotionally charged claims. The charges are then driven
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