4 Considerations for Choosing a Laminated Stand-Up Pouch

Laminated, stand-up pouches are a stylish and secure method of storing and displaying products. Color options, size, and different lamination additives can allow for customization and creativity. Not sure how to determine what pouch your product requires? Determining your packaging criteria always starts with identifying the main need of your product. Listed below are 4 considerations:
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Dispenser Bag with Ice Melt

9 tips using rock salt to melt Ice around your home and business.

Helpful hints for maximizing the effect of melting ice and getting ahead of the winter season, using rock salt or ice melt that you buy in plastic bags. Dispensing rock salt can produce big benefits. Using some type of ice control to melt the ice on pathways saves time, money and most importantly provides safe footing for your customers
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Interplas Sponsor Greenville Scottish Games with Eco-Friendly Printed Plastic Bags

One of the wonderful aspects of American society is the diversity of different cultures. This diversity is like a kaleidoscope of different ideas, contributions, food, song, and more that are the threads of fabric making our country one of the most diverse on the planet. Many cultures have very distinctive and easily recognizable contributions. For
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