Cracklin by Bonneval Foods

Bonneval’s lip smakin’ Cracklin food tastes better in plastic bags from International Plastics

Bonneval Foods came to international Plastics with a need that they weren’t 100% certain

on how to go about getting a good price on plastic bags while still making their food appetizing without sacrificing on the barrier needed between the elements and their world renowned snacks. Melisa Leonhardt, a “Seasoned” sales rep with International Plastics went straight to work in presenting the pricing and plastic bags samples that owner Erik Bonneval needed. As Mr. Bonneval continued to work with Melisa he knew that Intentional Plastics and Bonnevals would be a great partnership. The attitude and quick response from Melisa was exactly what he wanted. Could he have gotten poly prop plastic bags just anywhere, sure. Did he? No.

Seasoned Cracklin in Reclosable Zip Bags

Great food must go in crystal clear packaging that doesn’t take away from it’s appearance. One surefire way that Bonneval Foods accomplished that was with a Clear Zip Top reclosable bag from International Plastics.

That is what separates International Plastics from their competition… Customer service. They would rather have a smaller sale of plastic bags and do right by the customer and have a repeat buyer than to over sell them on something and loose the relationship.

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